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"....You are clearly gifted in your readings. Thank you for doing my readings so quickly for me Chelvam. At times it has seemed the events in this past year have been almost to much for me to cope with. But now, as I slowly awaken to my spiritual being, I realise the God's are being as gentle as they possibly can during this process and I am filled with gratitude for this. Thank you for being such a dear friend Chelvam."
Toorak, Melbourne

"... It is really comforting to have a good friend like you Chelvam. Dad's departure has been a shock to me. During my meeting with you in September, I was pretty surprised why you asked me twice whether dad was still around but it never came to my mind that dad will leave so soon. Thanks for asking me to pray to Mary (Novena). I prayed for my split up with John but I never thought dad needed it most! Mum and all the children feel it is best for dad to be with the Lord as we really didn't want him to suffer.
After knowing you for several years, I must say you reading is really accurate and very professional. Mary and Mervyn said "Chelvam's reading is damn bloody accurate!" When you gave a reading to Mary telling her that in September to 16 November she will face the worse period of her life. She wondered for quite a while and asked herself how worse can it be other than Mervyn without a job. On 16 November, dad passed away. What more can I say Chelvam.....your timing is damn precise. This is unbelievable!!"
Pat Lim,
Murdock, Western Australia

"Thank you very much for your contribution to our successful Variety Club Function. We raised $26,000 for the underprivileged children in Australia.
Each time we run a function we learn more and we would, of course, make the contribution for services such as yours higher in the future. We under-estimated the degree of interest in your professional services."
Desma Kenman,
Continental Cup Co. Pty Ltd, Kingston, Queensland

"It is almost a year since I first met you in Singapore. I believe you must have helped many more people find their directions....."
Teo Ing Lien,

"Chelvam, The Greatest Palmist in Australia"
Jana Kristak,
Nerang, Gold Coast

"I am impressed with your readings even though we have not met in person."
Richard Chau,
Napier, New Zealand

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that you have given me. I do hope that one day I will be able to achieve my dreams and be contented with my life. I will continue to do good the best I can."
Joanne Ool,
Johore, Malaysia


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