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Whilst there is considerably more material written on Natal Astrology than Muhurtha, one cannot exist without the other.

Natal Astrology is a diagnostic tool that deciphers one’s potential and possible pathway one may choose to take in life. This is strictly limited to the configuration of the heavens at the time the individual is born, Muhurtha or Electional Astrology means a small duration of time measure (48 minutes) that is auspicious or favourable to start, or do something. Some examples of these include entering a new house, asking for a raise, or entering into marriage.

How Muhurtha came about is actually intriguing. This happened when the Maharishis or Sages through their meditation and concentration of powers developed Divya Drishti. This roughly translated in modern layman language means a telepathic transfer of knowledge.

Muhurtha has 5 limbs or Panchangas.

These 5 limbs are comprised of

  1. Tithi or Lunar days;
  2. Vaara or Weekday:
  3. Nakashatras or Lunar mansions/constellations;
  4. Yogas or Lunar-Solar days; and
  5. Karana, a half-Lunar day.

Muhurtha actually allows an individual to maximise the opportunities of success of a particular event that are afforded to him by undertaking the same at an auspicious time.

Muhurtha and Natal Astrology are like the two eyes a person has. Removing either makes him loose the "sense of depth".

Natal Astrology, as mentioned earlier is a diagnostic tool. It allows one to systematically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, using his birth details. It is like a messenger reporting the facts. Muhurtha is a remedial tool. It helps an individual to maximise his success by undertaking an event at an auspicious time.

The time of a person’s birth cannot be changed.

The time when one embarks on an auspicious event can be carefully chosen to maximise one’s success.

Why gamble with your life by starting any event in your life inauspiciously?


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