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Media Releases
Some feedback from national and international media...
  • "It is curious that you looked at my hands. and then you pulled out a ruler and a calculator. It is a very scientific approach...."
    Phil Braithwaite,
    Radio Interview on
    Counties Manakau Radio, 95.8FM, New Zealand on 14th May 1998
  • "You're relating to what Chelvam says......"
    Dave Popplewell (to Phil Braithwaite),
    Radio Interview on
    Counties Manakau Radio, 95.8FM, New Zealand on 14th May 1998
  • "After receiving a few open ended predicitions about my future - career change here, marriage there - I leave Chelvam convinced I've spent my time wisely".
    Ben Dohertly in the
    Newcastle Herald, Saturday May 2, 1998
  • "I can tell you that I haven't told Chelvam any of this information. So this has been picked up from my palmprints and my astrological charts."
    Nat Jeffreys on the
    NBN's "Today's Extra" television show on 20 Mar 1998
  • "Chelvam's reading was fantastic and remarkable even without the palmprints".
    Michelle Dalton Tyree
    Freelance Journalist,
    Tokyo, Japan, November 13, 1997
  • "He is very, very accurate..."
    Alice Worsley on
    "Easy Listening I", AM 1032, Auckland, New Zealand.
    A talkback radio show on 11 Aug 1997
Tokyo Classifieds
  • "The result is a reading telling the person's inner most strengths and weaknesses. Chelvam will then draw to more specific details and dates of past relationships, travels, jobs and family. From here he takes a look into the immediate future to the point of nominating exact dates of incidents".
    Deborah Graham,
    Gold Coast Bulletin, Queensland, July 28, 1995
  • "You are absolutely right. Spot-on Chelvam"
    Howard Sattler on
    6 PR 882, Perth, Western Australia.
    A talkback radio show on 31 March 1992.
  • "The most impressive of the four was Chelvam, 42, a charming and good humored man who is sought after for his precise method of combining palmistry and Hindu astrology".
    Maxine Brown,
    Sunday Times, Perth, August 30, 1992
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  • "Chelvam feels very sure what he is saying. That is why people must tape record what he says to them during a reading".
    Trent Bouts,
    The Melbourne Herald, September 15, 1987
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