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The Combined Reading
An example of a typical combined reading done by Chelvam is presented here.

The details that are required to get a reading done are:

  • A scanned palmprint of the dominant hand; and
  • The birth details of the client i.e. the date, time and place (nearest city) of birth.
How is the Reading done?
Chelvam does a reading in one of 2 ways.
  • By gathering the necessary information from the palms and Vedic Astrology addressing the current concerns of the client requesting it; or
  • By doing a reading to specifically address the queries of the client.

The matters of concern will be addressed whichever type of reading the clients opts for.

Chelvam does not utilise inductive questioning to compose his readings.

How much Work does each Reading entail?
Each reading requires 2 – 3 hours of work comprising:
  • An investigation of the events from the past to arrive at the present, so that the immediate future (up to one year) can be prognosticated from the palms;
  • Counter-checking the information so obtained using Vedic Astrology;
  • Melding the two independent sources of information into one wholistic reading; and
  • Either recording the reading onto a cassette, or transcribing the information onto Electronic Mail to be dispatched to the client. The latter is usually done for answers to urgent matters or to cater to the particular preference of the client.

Chelvam’s style is to access the past, deduce the present, and prognosticate the future.

The basis of the reading rests on the accurate analysis of the past.

Chelvam personally believes that "anyone who cannot access the past cannot prognosticate the future".

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