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Internationally renowned Vedic Astrologer & Palmist, Chelvam will bombard you with facts about yourself with startling accuracy from the very first moment you meet him. Hindu astrology is believed to be as old as creation itself.

There are actual historical records on Vedic Astrology, like the Tirvalore Tables that date back to 3012 BC.
No one is really sure where Palmistry originated from. The Chaldeans, Indians, Persians, Egyptians, and Chinese have all been known to have practiced it. There are some ancient texts on classical palmistry written by Valmika Maharishi that dates to 3000 BC. These have written in archaic Tamil, one of the Indian languages. Some Indian scholars believe that Astrology can be predated to 6,500BC!

Hindu or Vedic astrology considers the position of each planet to delineate the events in a person's life.


In Hindu astrology, the natal chart of an individual can be further subdivided into at least 16 other divisional charts. Each of these relates to a specific aspect of a person's life. For example chart D10, relates solely to one's career or profession, whereas chart D9 relates specifically to one's partner in life. Hindu astrology is more predictive compared to Western astrology, concerning itself with the actual events in a person's life.

The Westerners believe Seth (3769 BC) to be the world's first astrologer. This has been confirmed in ancient Arabic, Egyptian, Jewish and Persian writings. The Chaldeans are credited to have actually developed astrology nearly 2,600 years ago from what it was.

Some people believe it is rational not to consult astropalmists unless they really have to do so. This is despite the fact that Astrology and Palmistry have a very strong scientific basis. People are so used to rationalise the prognostication of life's events using logic, that some refuse to believe there can be some other ways to do it. Notwithstanding the fact, that the rationalisation of the known facts usually lead to some logical outcome.

For a man perched on a burning building, the sweetest sound to him, would be the siren of an arriving fire engine. Similarly, to a person at the crossroads of his/her life, astrology and palmistry may be the very tool that is needed for him to make the final decision as to what to do. Just like the sound of a siren, may give the desperate man just enough extra strength for an additional three minutes. Which may be just long enough for the fireman to get to him. Similarly, the confirmation or the denial of an important event in a person's life (through Palmistry/Astrology) may be just what's needed for him to make the appropriate decisions at that point in his life.

In palmistry, both hands are examined. The size of the hands, nails, amount of hair, the knuckles, the complexion of the palm, the lines of the palm, in fact everything on the hands is examined. The right hand is examined for a right handed person. This is known as the dominant hand, and the other non-dominant. The older system of examining right hands for males and left for females (widely practiced in China) has not yielded as accurate results as this method.

The nondominant hand is used to evaluate the hereditary disposition/potential of an individual. The dominant hand will show the resulting effect of the environment these factors. For example, the nondominant hand may show the opportunity for an individual to change his job. The dominant hand could indicate that this is an opportunity the individual will not pursue.

The hardest part in any reading is in the weaving of the events in a person's life, to obtain a composite yet continuous picture. Chelvam melds both palmistry and astrology to achieve this.

It is further enhanced by the fact that since the information is obtained from two completely independent sources, the degree of accuracy is greatly increased!

Chelvam, an Indian by birth relates instinctively to the ancient teachings of Hindu astrology and palmistry. Having practiced actively since the age of twelve and later augmenting Hindu astrology into palmistry, he has been able to obtain a high level of accuracy in his predictions. His professional degrees in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy also further help to indirectly enhance his readings.

It was a deep sense of interest that instigated Chelvam to undertake the study of the ancient teachings of AstroPalmistry. He continually keeps himself abreast of the recent developments in Vedic AstroPalmistry by visiting India at least once every two years. During these visits, he interacts with other well-known professional astrologers and palmists to discuss the most intricate matters on these ancient Hindu secrets.

Ancient teachings of Hindu palmistry

Chelvam has clients in various parts of Australia, and has a strong following especially in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He also makes overseas trips to service his clients in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The majority of his clients are professionals, with women forming some 65% of the total number of clients. Some of these professionals include lawyers, doctors, businessmen, speculators, politicians, company directors, tradesman etc.

The specific reason why a client is seeking a consultation will usually show up in the courses of a reading. Most times, this will occur even without the client verbalising it. Clients usually tend to focus on specific issues relating to relationship, family, partner, children, physical ailments, property, business transactions, investments, speculation, move of residence, travels, change of career, etc. in a reading. Having a predisposed knowledge of the probable events in the person's life can allow an individual to prepare for the occurrence of the events. Or take suitable steps to change it whenever possible.

, one of the greatest Greek philosophers once said,
"The wise man will rule over planetary influences, which do not necessarily bring their properties to bear upon terrestrial bodies; but he only influences the latter, because it is possible to protect oneself through prudence and discretion".

Most of his Chelvam's clients continue to keep in regular contact with him after the reading. They do this to receive updated information at critical crossroads of their life. Chelvam values each of his client on a personal level and maintains individual files for them. These records make for easy reference whenever clients have subsequent queries.

When asked how accurate his readings are, he prefers to demonstrate his accuracy by providing a reading to the inquirer. Chelvam personally believes the essence of a good reading is in the fruition of the future events, which the client himself is not aware of. No matter how accurate the past and the present events are, clients seem to be impressed only when the future events pan out the way they are predicted to be.

Chelvam's personal motto is "Never lose sight of what you set out to achieve". Despite the many distractions that he goes through, Chelvam believes he will never gives up his goal of trying to perfect the ancient science of AstroPalmistry throughout his journey in life.

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