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Chelvam starts his reading by first collecting information from the palms. This information relates to past events that have already occurred in an individual’s life. The time of the occurrence of these events is initially dated from the details available on the palms.

Chelvam then cross-references these findings with the events/time periods indicated in the individual’s Astrological charts (see example here). This is done using Vedic system of Astrology, interpreted in accordance with the Hindu Vimshottari Dasa time system.

The information gathered from the two different independent sources, Palmistry & Astrology are then melded into a composite whole before it is presented to the client. The information though obtained from two completely different and independent sources is usually complimentary (see example here).

The reading done this way, should address any inherent problems, aspirations, or fears the client might have. There should be no need for the client to reveal what these are to the practitioner. It is the duty of the practitioner to delineate what these are with the tools he/she has.

Sourcing Information from the Palms
When sourcing information from the palms, Chelvam takes into account the fact that the indications on the hands change as a function of time. Changes that might happen in an individual's life (whether instigated intentionally by the client, or changes imposed on the client by some outside circumstances) are reflected on the palms as early as 4 months before/after the change has taken/is about to take effect! These minute changes indicated on the palms are then counterchecked using Astrology.

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