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In any metaphysical reading, there should be 5 essential elements:
  1. The event described in the reading should be clear. The client should be able to understand what the practitioner is saying, rather than having to guess/infer what has been said.
  2. The reading should be unambiguous ie. (there is a distinction between having a friendship with someone and having a relationship with that person);
  3. The event described should be have a specified time frame of occurrence eg. between 12 Sept 1999 and 07 Jan 2000;
  4. There should be a chronological sequence of the events occurring an individual’s life eg. the sequence of getting married then having a child is quite different from getting married because one is expecting a child. This matter though not viewed as being important in the Western world, is taken quite seriously in the Asian countries; and
  5. The entire reading should preferably be recorded. This not only allows the client to listen to the tape at any time; it also forces the practitioner to be consistent in what he/she is saying. Otherwise the inconsistencies will put the authenticity of the reading in doubt, when the client listens to the tape!

If the readings you have experienced so far do not have these 5 essential elements, then it is time for you to really experience one done by AstroPalmist Chelvam.

These 5 elements are inherently found in any reading he does!

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